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Mica Carpenter, C.J.E. of  Jostens Yearbooks

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Heather Mallia is a parent that creates the yearbook at Ott Elementary School. She recently made a change to Balfour with the promise of a later final page deadline. After just a few days of school she came back to Jostens. Here is what she told us:

"This will be our 4th year with Jostens.  Creating a memorable yearbook that families will cherish for years can be a challenging task.  Jostens' great customer service and very user friendly software make my job as a yearbook adviser much easier!

Balfour's yearbook software is very difficult to navigate.  They have recently "upgraded" their software and there are so many kinks in the system that it's impossible to use.  After numerous parent complaints regarding online ordering problems (after only the 3rd day of school) and problems on my end entering campus orders... we knew they were not going to be the company for us.  Creating a yearbook is a large enough task, the yearbook adviser shouldn't have to fight to have proper working software as well!"

Cheryl Stewart, Harris MS told us:

"When I think of Mica (Jostens in the flesh) a duty list comes to mind. It includes, but is in no way limited to brainstormer, troubleshooter, and a wealth of knowledge. However, the one duty that stands out above the rest is trainer. I started my career as a Journalism educator under Mica's tutelage, 5 years ago in the middle of a school year. Never for a moment did I feel unsupported as I got my footing. Today, she still fulfills my personal 3Rs of a yearbook representative: reachable, reliable, and resourceful."

Amy Lyssy, Poth ISD told us:

"My students at Poth HS enjoy working with Mica because she is so personable, she gives my staff valuable ideas, and she is always available to help fix in problems that arise. The program that Jostens produces is user friendly, and the books colors and vividness when printed are of high quality. This is my second year as the adviser, and I get compliments on last year's book all the time. I am so glad that we switched to Jostens and have Mica as our representative!"

Brenda Slatton, Robert E. Lee HS told us:

"I have been working with Mica Carpenter for 6 years and I feel really good about making the switch. Mica's customers are more than just a number to her. She has helped me tremendously with budgeting and sales and helped pull me out of debt. When I need information on computers, design or coverage, she comes through. Her latest tool has been daily email tips. I was skeptical at first but getting one good yearbook idea every day has been a real benefit. The tips come when I need them. I like feeling good about yearbook every day. Mica is very professional when dealing with her customers. There doesn't seem to be anything or any problem that shakes her, she always comes through with a solution. Jostens really supports their sales people and their customers."

Amanda White, Garner MS

"Mica is a go-getter and she has put in so much time and dedication to help me not only develop a working curriculum for my classes, but she has also helped me create an award winning yearbook. She encourages me almost daily to keep up the good work with positive emails and she makes me feel like our publication is as important to her as it is to us. It doesn't hurt that she attended our school when she was younger. She still knows all of the ins and outs and takes pride in what we produce."

Thea Russo, Wood MS

"When I first accepted sponsor of yearbook, I have to admit I was apprehensive that I would produce a quality book worthy of offering to our students. Without reservation, I can say that it is because of Mica that our yearbook gets better each year.

She truly epitomizes Jostens C.A.R.E. values. Her customers ALWAYS come first and she is amazing at details and suggestions for improvement. She is professional and dedicated to each school she encounters. She demonstrates this not only with her immediate sponsors but with the students involved as well. She guides them as well as teaches them about the website and steps necessary to reach the final product. She has embraced change in each and every yearbook we have completed as well as keeps ideas and themes in mind for upcoming yearbooks.

In addition to the values, Mica embraces Jostens Mission Statement and works to perfect her craft. The new local yearbook website is a perfect example of this. She offers workshops and comes into the classroom often to better help us produce the best book we can.

She is extremely knowledgeable not only in what is pertinent in a yearbook but what is current and trendy so the students will forever keep their memories of school and the time they spent there. It is with extreme honor and gratitude to have Mica as our Jostens Representative."